Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday/Friday Favorites

I completely forgot about Friday favorites this week. Good thing I'm not a professional blogger! Last week's favorites are a combination of flickr & etsy. Enjoy!

This is the funniest lunchbox I've ever seen. An example of truly maximizing potential of the relationship between a product & its use. Made by OnesandZerosFashions.

Completely out of my price range, but I absolutely love this vintage lace dress.

There's an amazing story behind the folks who made this wallet.
Transit Antenna is a mobile living experiment: seven people living and working while traveling the roads of North America. Bob, Dawn, and Taylor Snead, Jamie Self, Seth Gadsden, Josef Kristofoletti, and Amy McBrine live on a retired city transit bus, called Walter, that we converted into an RV that guzzles straight vegetable
oil. By dumpster diving for grease, we're reducing our carbon footprint and avoiding the diesel pumps.
Over the next two years, we will create writings, photographs and videos about our road experiences and our collaborative projects, and post them to our website for your enjoyment.

Another favorite from yodraws' photostream.

This polaroid by sarina cass has been on my favorites list for awhile. The little bit of pink in the corner set against the gorgeous green-blue water is so great.

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