Friday, February 27, 2009

Neiman Marcus video

Larry is the DSVC Student Show chairman this year. He's an art director at Neiman Marcus, who just released this fun little fashion video for Neiman's spring dress collection.

On the Table

Pure fun from Italian design group On the Table.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday Favorites (flickr edition!)

I'm posting this a little early so it actually goes up before 11pm on Friday.

something wonderful about the green of the trailer against this grey sky. the light leaks add a lot to this one. gotta love holga.

this shade of blue is fantastic. i'm pretty sure my parents have this pencil sharpener somewhere.

i love candid wedding photos, especially old ones.

almost identical to what i've been planning for my half sleeve (coming soon!)

So exciting!

The work of one of my very favorite illustrators of all-time, Charley Harper, is going to be on exhibit right here in Dallas at The Public Trust (formerly Art Prostitute) gallery in Deep Ellum! If you've never been, you really really ought to go to the opening night reception. They're always good fun and the artwork is going to be AMAZING. There's also a little shop at the gallery with super rad t-shirts, books, zines, and other arty and designy things that you can't find anywhere else.

Opening reception is Saturday, March 7th from 6-9pm

Let me know if you're gonna go, maybe we can all grab some food and go to the show together!

this shot is from the first show (Kinsey) at the gallery space in deep ellum in 2006 (it began in denton a few years before).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aliette prints

Love this set of prints by French graphic designer, Aliette. The color gives it a great fantastical feel set against the subdued color palette in the background.

Monday, February 23, 2009

DSVC National Student Show & Conference Website

For the last six months or so I've been working with a lot of other great folks volunteering their time to the DSVC National Student Show & Conference committee to put on the 5th Annual National Show & Conference. Our website (which has been the piece I've been working on, based on the super fun collateral designed by Jeff Barfoot) is finally up and running thanks to the awesome web extraordinaires at Old State.

Some exciting developments in the conference are underway, including a workshop and panel discussion called The Practice Sessions by Antonio Carusone, Frank Chimero, Duane King and Matt Owens. Duane King is the man behind The Practice Sessions and, a design blog that grew out of a breakout session at the conference a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Natural Sculptures

I really love these clay sculptures I found while browsing flickr today. I think I like them best as pictured here, scattered among some moss. Can I have a little backyard garden to put these in? Made by Harper Reed (awesome name, right?). Check out some of her other creations on Etsy.

Work Conversations #6

(sorry for two so close together, but we won't be having many more of these, as justin will soon be my deskmate at Switch!)

hey question
hey what?
can i get a new pair of toms shoes?
if i get a pair of gray ones i can literally wear them with everything and then i won't have my morning shoe dilemmas.
oh shore.
i, however, need a gray telecaster. it will go with everything so i won't have my morning guitar dilemmas.

Pandora Fail

(it was the talking heads that were actually playing)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Work Conversations #5

justin and i decided that we're going to start doing some light exercising when we get home from work.

i'm kinda excited to exercise with you
that being a regular thing
i think it'll be good

soon we will be svelte.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crooked Fingers & The Small Stakes

We got to see one of our all time favorite bands on Tuesday night. There are just so many wonderful things about Crooked Fingers, you really should go on over to their site and have a listen. I bought this lovely screenprint by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes for Justin at Christmas-time. Also picked up this print he did for The National.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jack and Buckethead Discuss Diversity

*Let it be known that "Jack" is an original character created in collaboration with Justin circa 2006. I was working at a daycare center that summer and Justin was interning at The Public Trust art gallery in Dallas. So, I spent my days bringing kids down from sugar highs and making up silly nicknames while Justin packed boxes and drew on scrap pieces of chip board. Out of these fun-filled days was born Jack--based on a rambunctious 6 year old at my daycare (who I thought very much resembled a dinosaur). Justin began drawing scenarios in which Jack stalked his prey (as dinosaurs are apt to do) and had philosophical conversations with his toilet. Jack loves to strike up conversation with waiters and provide comic relief in awkward situations. Jack will be your friend, as long as you don't taste like food.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Uppercase Gallery

Eclecto Papergoods available at Uppercase Gallery

I've been following the goings-on at the Uppercase Gallery in Canada for the last six months or so and they're doing some really exciting things in 2009. They've begun a magazine of the same name and vein--sneak peeks into the lives and works of artists of all varieties and their inspirations. The images they feature on their site are imaginative and nostalgic at the same time, reminiscent of classic flat-color designs ala Paul Rand & other giants of mid-century modern design. Simple and clever, just the way good design should be.

Uppercase has also started a nice little flickr group called The Work-in-Progress Society which I'm excited to contribute to once Justin and I get rolling on our Etsy shop.

Go check out Uppercase if you haven't already!

A Bit of Rearranging

We've been in our apartment for about 7 months with this as our studio setup:

I've been pretty claustrophobic about it for awhile, and the second Justin mentioned that he enjoys working better in the living room I started moving things around in my head.

So, after a long Saturday of cleaning and taking apart one desk and moving two others, we have a lot more space for screenprinting and letterpressing (if it EVER gets delivered)

We switched out the art table in our living room with Justin's desk in the studio.

And Justin and Ozzie were pooped from all their hard work!