Sunday, February 1, 2009

Uppercase Gallery

Eclecto Papergoods available at Uppercase Gallery

I've been following the goings-on at the Uppercase Gallery in Canada for the last six months or so and they're doing some really exciting things in 2009. They've begun a magazine of the same name and vein--sneak peeks into the lives and works of artists of all varieties and their inspirations. The images they feature on their site are imaginative and nostalgic at the same time, reminiscent of classic flat-color designs ala Paul Rand & other giants of mid-century modern design. Simple and clever, just the way good design should be.

Uppercase has also started a nice little flickr group called The Work-in-Progress Society which I'm excited to contribute to once Justin and I get rolling on our Etsy shop.

Go check out Uppercase if you haven't already!

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melissa said...

what a great logo! i need to come up with some crafty things like that now that we are putting together logo books