Monday, January 12, 2009

RISD, MICA, grad school-ish thoughts

Came across this on flickr and thought, "dude, how cool would it be to have a nature lab at your design school?" I've always been really interested in RISD. If I ever do go to grad school, this would be a great place. MICA is another school I would strongly consider cause, duh, Ellen Lupton and Abbott Miller are faculty members there! I got to meet Ellen Lupton at the DSVC Student Show & Conference a few years ago and let me tell you, she would be a great professor.

Abbott Miller also recently did the rebranding for MICA and I love it.

If you were to go to grad school (design or otherwise) where would you go and why?


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lisa said...

I'm not sure if I'd go back to school and concentrate on illustration or design...I haven't looked into any really but I've heard wonderful things about RISD and MICA. I think I might go to SCAD for illustration.

Also, a nature lab would be amazing. I think it'd be amazing for drawing purposes mainly, but it would also be amazing for inspiration.