Friday, April 10, 2009

Headin out west!

We just booked our flight+hostel+hotel for our first anniversary trip to Portland in June! We're spending two nights in a cute little hostel in Nob Hill and our last night at the uber-cool Ace Hotel. I first heard about the Ace when our friend Mark designed the website a few years ago and have been wanting to stay there ever since. (Another friend, Jeff Rogers, recently painted a couple of fantastic murals in the new location in NYC)

If you've ever spent time in Portland and have any recommendations I'd love to hear them! We're for sure planning on enjoying an afternoon in Powell's Books and are looking forward to hiking and checking out some museums. Would love to know if you've been to any good restaurants/coffee shops/etc.

So excited! I can't believe we're just a few months away from our first anniversary. The year has floooown by!


bee things said...

i love the ace hotel!! i stayed there years ago when it first opened. so, yes, we definitely need to have a craft day of some sort. im patiently waiting for jeff to clean my sewing room so i have some space and all my goodies!! calder says hi!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

that's so exciting!!

Wonder Thunder said...

The Velveteria, velvet painting museum! Maybe in north portland, can't quite remember. And please eat at the the Cricket Cafe and have the Cricket omlette with hashbrowns on the inside. It. is. the. best.
Thanks for the veggie bags post!