Sunday, December 14, 2008

Picture Day!

This morning I went with Cara to a park nearby and took some pictures of her as a Christmas present for her parents. The weather was beautiful today, so it was great to be outside for such a big chunk of the day.

i think this one is my favorite from the day.

these gorgeous swans swam together all across the pond.

this was the 'mary tyler-moore' graduation shot. cara performed with enthusiasm.

This afternoon we also finally got to meet our newest little neighbor, Ruthie! She's a precious little one who we've already seen laugh, cry, and make one heck-of-a fish face.


melissa said...

nice picture with the fountain. haha.

crackers and cheese said...

These pictures of Cara in the park are gorgeous! Great job Christina :) Also, Ruthie is precious! I didn't know that they were your neighbors - pretty tight, yo.

Jana said...

okay, i'm stealing some of these.

and i would like to steal cara's boots, too.

honestly, i can't find the "perfect" picture for our little project. and it's so cold i can't take her outside to take a few myself. do you think any off our blog/facebook album could work?

Cara said...

Ooooh, I'm sort of sad none of my "special" pictures made the blorg cut. I wish I was as cute as Ruthie. I've got to read some of your other posts, but no time tonight! I'm about to send you the photos I want to use. xoxo

P.S. Jana, no need to steal. Feel free to borrow.