Friday, December 5, 2008

Work Conversations #3

Justin's response to finding out that a guy has been quasi-flirting with me:

now i'm distracted, gee thanks. i need awesome fist names.
you're hilarious
you don't need fists

man, "wind" and "fury" would fit perfectly as knuckle tattoos.


crackers and cheese said...

You are still wearing your wedding ring, right? That tends to ward off quasi-flirting as well as husband's fists of fury, though you never know with some guys.

christina said...

haha, yeah, people don't really catch on that its my wedding ring since it doesn't have a huge diamond sticking out of it.

becki said...

so cute!!! :) love is patient, love is kind, love has fist tats. (new king becki version)

Nathan said...

do it!

Anton said...

Hahaha, I like Justin.