Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My dear sweet husband has a beard. A growing beard. We really don't know when it will stop. And for some reason the beard has become quite a popular item in our culture in the past year or two. Men seem to become friends based only on the fact that each of them has "returned to his roots as a man" by letting the hair on his face grow freely. I'm always amazed at how many things i've found that are beard or facial hair related, so i've decided to share them here!

First, the reason why I get excited when I see beard-things.

This is Justin's groom's cake at our wedding. His younger brother and mom made it! The design is based on the t-shirt from Whiskerino 2005. I think it slightly confused some people, but was a big hit!

I got SUPER excited when I found the red card on our honeymoon in San Francisco. I'm sad to say I don't remember which little design shop we bought it at, but it was one of these two. I just bought the white card on Etsy from eggagogo. It's perfect and soooo true!

I bought this moustache key hook for my hairy faced man and it hangs proudly in our home. This picture from seller benfloeter is much cooler than a picture I would take of ours, so don't go thinking my house is this cool. It's close, but not quite.

And I haven't purchased this, but it might make a good present for us if you're ever looking! Another gem on Etsy from seller ashleyg. I really like all of her illustrations and will probably pick one up sooooon.

Just for cuteness, here's the hairiest member of our family, Ozzie.

That's all for beards today! If you ever see any beard things let me know! It's becoming a weird collection at our house, as you can see.


melissa said...

hah, thats great. whenever i think of beards, i think of the drawing of justin in the lab that said "eeh gads there's a chicken in my beard." im glad that kevin can't grow a full beard, his little chin patch is itchy enough as is :)

becki said...

For Christmas two years ago, I had Jeff help me "perfect" this picture and give it to Kevin's dad. I like to call this....

"and so it began."

Dang! It won't let me include an image in this, so I'm going to have to settle for linking to it. :(


Martha Elaine Belden said...

i love this post! i imagine i've told you before... and i'm sure i've blogged about it before... but you know i love beards, right?

so i LOVE all this beard stuff! and i don't know if i ever mentioned... but justin's cake was definitely the coolest grooms cake i've ever seen!

melissa said...

its for illustration class, do you still have a tcu e-mail account? i wouldn't mind having some feedback from you :)

Sara said...

Is this your new blog?

Steve said...