Sunday, September 28, 2008

time to catch up!

i have so many things i've wanted to post on for the past week that i don't know where to start! i've been finishing up a project for the job i just left and it has been a real beating, but is finally wrapping up. tomorrow starts my second week at my NEW job, which is wonderful by the way.

first on the list of several topics, last saturday marked the first slightly official meeting of a new quilt group i'm in with my vegan diner super owner friend, sara. it's been decided that our first quilt will be made of neckties and it's my job to make a brown square and a black and white square. i'm really excited about getting started. here's what i'm working with:

i'm thinking i'll maybe do this pattern for at least one of them

it's been awhile since i've pieced a square together, so i don't want to get myself in over my head. i'm really excited to see how it will all come together though. also on my list of sewing projects (that continues to grow and grow) is a t-shirt quilt made up of justin's and my old t-shirts. i also want to make an owl quilt. i did a google search for some block patterns and ended up finding these images which i thought were super cute. the blue baby quilt was made by a blogger i just came across who has some really great stuff up on her blog. photography, design, craftiness and other fun stuff. i'm sure it will become one that i check regularly.

just one more item before i go to bed. i wanted to post a picture of what i did with the illustrated alphabet cards i bought on etsy for baby camille.

the cards are mounted on a piece of brown art paper and in a frame i found at target. i'm really happy with how it turned out and am excited to start on her birth announcement soon!

next time i get a chance to blog i'll post pictures of the curtains my mom made for our apartment! they make it feel really home-y and warm. now it's time for me to go to sleep. hope everyone has a great monday!

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crackers and cheese said...

I definitely want to see pictures of this tie quilt when it's finished! I have a skirt made of ties that I made a few years ago.