Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Etsy Baby Gift Goodness!

i had so much fun looking for baby things that i decided to post a few more pictures of some handmade and vintage items that would make fantastic baby gifts AND support individuals rather than corporations! hurrah!

under $50

i love typography AND animals, so you can be sure my future children will have something like this beautiful letterpress print in their nurseries. this wonderful print is from seller sycamorestreetpress

look at this super cute long-sleeved onesie from seller orangerhinokids. (if you're freaked out about the price, it's because it's on american apparel)

under $25

and how freakin cute is this little guy from seller LullaLoo?

and this beautiful alphabet print (prints for every letter!)from seller lindsayart

under $10

sometimes these toys look kind of creepy, but i think this one from seller kennywonderful is pretty cute

under $5

this adorable knit cap with ear flaps from seller warmandfuzzybaby will keep baby nice and warm.

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Martha Elaine Belden said...

oh my gosh! this stuff is all so so cute!

that baby hat?! OH MY GOSH!