Monday, September 29, 2008

Exciting news!

This morning I got a call from my old creative director asking if I wanted to work with him and a web design and development firm called The Old State on designing the 2009 DSVC National Student Show website. My response? "Uh, YEAH!"

While we're on the topic of DSVC (the Dallas Society of Visual Communications) I thought I'd mention that the second monthly meeting of the year is this Wednesday, October 1st. The speaker will be Lawrence Azerrad who has done some pretty interesting work.

If you're interested in going let me know and perhaps we can meet up and go together!


melissa said...

that is so awesome! i'm jealous! as for the meeting, i think quite a few of the juniors are going and i am going to try and go. so maybe i'll get to see you there.

Sara said...

chya! can you hook me up? i'll probably need something to keep me from going out of my mind. my last day of work here is October 10.

shoot me an email ( or call me.