Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Design of Science

For anyone who works in the creative industry its easy to become removed and isolated from disciplines that fall into that other side of the brain. We are often given a handicap of being "artsy" or "creative" which excuses us from the need to pursue or understand information outside of our realm of expertise. But to me, some of the most interesting and relevant ways we can use our creativity comes with a marriage of the left and right sides of the brain. Yesterday I came across this really cool collective blog (which in itself is a very interesting idea) called SpaceCollective.

The design of the site is incredibly beautiful visually and functionally and it got me thinking about how often I am intrigued by the design of scientific information. I never enjoyed my science classes in high school--I always made sure to partner up with someone who did to make sure I got A's--but of the two required science classes I took in college (Principles of Behavior and a really really good Astronomy class) I began to develop an interest in scientific issues that are relevant to our lives in a real way. Still, outside of the classroom, reading an article about any of these issues was pretty far over my head. Then I found Seed Magazine. While the articles are still way over my head, I at least have an ambassador to understanding in the information graphics that accompany the articles.
A Place for Science

All that to say, I decided to share a few examples of really interesting design for scientific information that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Go Science! led me to this guy's flickr photostream.

from the blog TodayandTomorrow

A series of album cover concepts for Beck's latest, by designer Mario Hugo. Not quite design for science, but obviously influenced by science conceptually and visually. And can you believe these weren't used?!

from an article on SpaceCollective about the future of Nationalism


Justin Pocta said...

man, that is some great work. bookmarking! :) ooh, and chris king gave me an issue of seed. wish i had time to learn about all that sorta stuff.

thanks for the comment about the work. i struggled about doing something so generic, but hope i pulled off something a bit unique.

as far as balance of design/life, it is hard stuff especially in the field of design. i'd love to hear how you manage it, especially with you and Justin both being in the same industry.

chosenrebel said...

That is one impressive wall of computers!