Monday, October 20, 2008

Work Conversations pt 1

Justin and I keep up with each other throughout the day on ichat, one of the many perks of working in the design field. Most of the time we say nothing of interest, but every once in awhile something funny happens.

Work Conversations part 1:
In which we learn why design studios should always use Macs

how did your website ideas end up?
i wanna see

we sent that off a week ago and haven't heard any feedback yet.
i'll bring it hooooome! if i try to mess with it now my computer will fart and die.

for reals.
you don't have just a pdf or anything?
not one that just shows the designs.
i'll dig around later this afternoon. photoshop is actually working for me right now and if i try and open something else it will become a prima donna.
and become all distant and uncooperative.
i have learned when not to mess with Windoze.

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