Friday, October 3, 2008

Ugandan American Partnership Organization

One of the many wonderful things about my new job is a dedication to supporting organizations and businesses who are working for the greater good of our city, country, and world. My co-worker and friend (and fellow TCU alum), Jamie, is lucky enough to have worked on the pro-bono design project that our firm did for the UAPO. I'm really looking forward to being involved in these types of projects as a professional designer and I'm so thankful to be working with people who feel the same way.

The UAPO currently has four main projects underway that benefit Ugandan communities in several ways--economically, socially, educationally, etc. The Akola Project is 'a craft program designed for economic development and relief for widows in rural villages'. The women who are part of the Akola project make these beautiful necklaces that are actually for sale in two locations in Dallas

Akola is actually a beautiful word, too. I love Africa.

The UAPO website says,"The name "Akola" literally translates as 'with God's ability," or "the ability of God" in Luganda. With God's ability, through Him, we will provide this relief and support to the struggling, courageous, and faithful widows and orphans of this region."

The UAPO also keeps up a blog which I've linked to on my sidebar, so take a look every once in awhile to see what they're up to!

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Martha Elaine Belden said...

so cool!

i want to go buy a necklace!