Sunday, October 19, 2008

Camille's Birth Announcement

Remember my baby crazy posts from last month? Well, I finally sat down yesterday and churned out a birth announcement for the little one responsible for my obsession with all things baby on etsy.

The new parents of baby Camille are a writer and an English professor, so my mom actually came up with the idea to make the announcement look like a book. Perfect!

I took some inspiration from some classic Penguin covers I saw on this flickr set. This one is my favorite:


melissa said...

i love the idea! i like the whole "by" her parents thing. really cute

Jana said...

I LOVE this. Well done. I would love for you to do our adoption announcement! :)

Cara said...

This turned out all kinds of awesome.

P.S. My word verification says "kniters;" it's like you, but misspelled.