Friday, November 21, 2008

Burst of Beaden

Quite possibly my new favorite illustrator, Jon Klassen of Burst of Beaden has created beautiful layered works full of texture and character. Be sure to check out the short films he's animated on his site. They're wonderfully clever and entertaining. My favorite title is "An Eye for Annai" (embedded below) for which Jon also created the soundtrack...on a recorder. Remember those from elementary school? Really great stuff.

If you're the gift-giving kind and want to support an artist, there are some very nicely priced prints of his available here.

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Cara said...

Oh wow, awesome illustrations. If you want to take in more art, as in, tomorrow in FW, give me a call in the morning, as in, before 10:00 am when we're leaving.

I like you, as in, you're my bff.

P.S. The word verification below is an excellent example of kerning. I'm learning so much from this blog.