Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Community

These are a few random pictures from flickr that popped up when I searched "community".

I'm feeling an intense desire for community right now and I think it stemmed from one of my daily trips to Crooked Tree and a couple of articles I read in the latest issue of Paste magazine...which is sort of a strange way for that to happen. Apparently Paste named Denton, TX the best music scene of the year. The article talked about the hard work of artists and music enthusiasts who work together to make this fertile music community. Justin and I were part of the community for a brief summer in 2005 when we were the lowly interns of the Art Prostitute gallery. So I think that planted the seed. Then I read the article about The Welcome Wagon, a husband-wife/pastor-mom duo who love Jesus and the community that makes up their Presbyterian church in Brooklyn and who also happen to be on the Asthmatic Kitty record label with Sufjan Stevens as their producer. In the interview they talk about their community and its clear that the music is born from a love for Christ rather than a desire for recognition.

I want for us to find a church. I'm excited about one we visited a couple of weeks ago and I hope it works out. Church visiting is kind of like dating, don't you think? I guess we'll just know it when we find it. Seems like everyone we've met lately is Presbyterian though. Maybe its a sign....

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Cara said...

I really hope Irving Bible works out, and if it doesn't, that you find community soon.

Also, come to the Christmas vespers and to that women's grounp that we hope to start soon. Justin's not invited to the latter, though.