Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picky picky

My co-worker Jamie so nicely pointed out to me the blaring kerning error that I overlooked in my current blog header. So, after putting it off, I finally fixed it. There. I hope you're happy. You don't even read my blog.



Ten points for spotting the BLARING kerning error.


Nathan said...

keming: the result of bad kerning

christina said...

have you heard this one? it's my new favorite joke.

what's it called when two designers sleep together?


Cara said...

It's the A. Go ahead and give me those points. I hope Jamie gives me a high five.

crackers and cheese said...

The first A was too close to the end. It looked like, "CHRISTIN Alikes Birds." Now it looks right :)

No clue what kerning is. Well, I'm a smart cookie and think I've figured it out, but never heard of it before.

christina said...

you are a smart cookie, kelly. kerning refers to the amount of space between letters.

10 points to cara and kelly.

becki said...

I commented too late, but I DO know what kerning is!! :) I also know what leading is!! Woohoo!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

dang... i'm too late. but i was going to say between the N and the A in your name.

so i would have gotten ten points, too!!