Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama's Design Team

I've been wondering, desperately wanting to know who the design firm is behind Obama's campaign since i first saw his historically iconic logo and brilliant branding strategy. It has been a mystery to me, but I finally know, thanks to this post on GraphicHug.

A collaboration between two Chicago based firms, Sender LLC and mo/de produced the best campaign graphics in the history of America. I love that Obama and his team went with local firms in Chicago. So often companies or individuals will hire design firms nowhere near where they do what they do, and when it comes to a project about a community or group of people, I love it when they remember where they came from and support their own communities.

mo/de also made this spot before the election was over. Nicely done.

I'm still not sure who is responsible for the design of the website, but a company that Justin has done some work for called BlueState Digital developed the backend. So exciting to have really good political design that's going to stay around for awhile! Check out Obama's transition website:

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Justin Pocta said...

I was curious about that too. Bet he will have no problem getting work for awhile.