Wednesday, November 5, 2008

illustrator Eleanor Grosch

Tonight's DSVC speaker was illustrator Eleanor Grosch of Philadelphia. A very sincere and talented lady, her talk was very down to earth and practical, especially for those interested in working as a freelance illustrator or designer. Her animal prints remind me a lot of a sort of modern/digital version of Charley Harper's work. Lovely illustration, I'm excited to keep tabs on her portfolio site to see what she does in the next few years. She also has some nice information to check out on how to screenprint and be an eco-friendly artist. She has a blog, too.

She does a lot more than illustrate foxes, I just like those the best. Here's a comparison of her white crane to Charley Harper's:



Cara said...

So many links!!! That I will probably never go to. (They are probably really great for your designer/non-lazy friends, though.)

I like the foxes.

I guess it's really hard to be original even in a field all about creativity.

christina said...

nothing new under the sun. nothing at all.